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Instructions - How To Use Urine Adulteration Test Kits

How To Use Urine Adulteration Tests

a.k.a. Specimen Validity Test



  1. Allow the adulteration strip to equilibrate to room temperature (15-30 C) prior to testing.
  2. Remove the strip(s) from the canister and recap tightly.
  3. Dip test strip fully into the urine specimen (all color squares must make contact with urine sample) and remove immediately.
  4. Blot the test gently on its side to remove excess urine. NOTE: It is important to blot the test strip for consistent results.
  5. Read results in one (1) minute by comparing each pad with the color chart printed on the canister. Do not interpret test results after 4 minutes.
  6. If the test indicates adulteration, refer to your Drug Free Policy for guidelines on handling adulterated specimens.



(Please refer to the illustration above)

Semi Quantitative results are obtained by visually comparing the reacted color blocks on the strip to the printed color blocks on the canister. No instrumentation is required.