How To Use Drug Tests

Detailed drug test instrucions. How to adminsiter a drug test.
Oral Cube Instructions - How To Use Oral Cube

Oral Fluid Screen Instructions

How To Use Oral Cube Drug

DO NOT PLACE ANYTHING IN MOUTH 10 MINUTES PRIOR TO TESTING. Remove the collection stick and test cube from the sealed pouch. Tear off the collection stick package.

Insert the sponge end of the collection stick into the mouth and soak sponge with saliva for 3 minutes. (NOTE: Time should be longer for people of little saliva. If the amount of saliva pressed into the test cube is not adequate for testing, collect more with another new collection stick and express the saliva into the cube again.)

Hold the test tube vertically and place the collcetion stick with the saturated sponge into the test tube. make sure to fit the groove of the collection stick on the guide rail of the test cube and press the collection stick to it's full extent.

Press the lid down to close the test cube. Keep the test cube vertically until you begin to read the test results.


  • Read result at 2 minutes. DO NOT READ ALCOHOL TEST RESULT AFTER 5 MINUTES.
  • Compare reactive pad color to color chart provided.

Interpretation of results:

  • NEGATIVE: No color changes on reactive pad.
  • POSITIVE: Reactive pad changes the color. Estimate the approximate blood alcohol level by comparing the color of the reactive pad to the color chart.


  • Read results at 10 minutes. DO NOT READ DRUG TEST RESULTS AFTER 1 HOUR.
  • Compare reactive pad color to color chart provided.
  • Any line, no matter how faint, is considered a line.