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Saliva Drug Detection Times - Saliva Drug detection window for positive drug results

Saliva Drug Detection Times

How long will drugs show up on a saliva drug test? You will note below that a saliva drug test can positive drug results in a matter of hours. A urine drug test can show positive results in a matter of days.

Drug Detection Window*
Saliva Compared To Urine Tests
Targeted Drug Saliva Urine
Alcohol (an EtG urine test can show use up to 80 hours) 1-12 Hours 6-12 Hours
Amphetamines 2-48 Hours 1-4 Days
Barbiturates 2-48 Hours Short acting type:1-4 Days
Long acting type: 3 Weeks or longer
Benzodiazepines 2-48 Hours Infrequent user: 1-3 Days Chronic user: 4-6 Weeks
Cannabinoids (THC-Marijuana) 1-18 Hours Infrequent user: 1-10 Days Chronic user: 30 Days or longer
Cocaine Metabolite 1-48 Hours 1-4 Days
Methadone 1-48 Hours 1-6 Days
Methamphetamines 1-48 Hours 1-4 Days
MDMA (ecstasy) 1-48 Hours 1-3 Days
Nicotine (Tobacco)** 4-6 Hours Infrequent user: 1-3 Days Chronic user: 7 to 14 Days
Opiates (Heroin, Morphine, Codeine) 1-48 Hours 1-3 Days
Oxycodone 1-48 Hours 1-3 Days
Phencyclidine (PCP) 1-48 Hours Infrequent user: 1-8 Days Chronic user: 1-28 Days+
Propoxyphene 1-48 Hours 1-3 Days

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*There are many factors that affect the actual window of detection (see How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System - Drug Detection Times for more information). This chart is meant to give relative results for the majority of cases. There are always situations that affect the actual drug test window.

**Nicotine is metabolized as Cotinine and can be detected on a Cotinine Urine Test.

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