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Other Urine Test Products and Information

In addition to urine tests that can detect drugs, you can also purchase urine tests in order to check for a wide range of other things as well. For example, we sell a urine test that will determine whether a woman is pregnant or not. We sell a urine test for ovulation, which will tell you if a woman is ovulating or not. This can greatly help those women who are trying to get pregnant, by showing when the woman is most fertile and therefore can most easily conceive. There is a urine test for menopause that will determine if a woman in going through menopause or is in the perimenopause (pre menopause) state. There is also a urine test for nicotine, which is actually a drug, even though many people don't consider it to be one. For more information on any of these other urine test devices, click on the link title below:

Cotinine Test - Nicotine Test Cassette

This is a single use urine test that detects cotinine.