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Urine Drug Test Kits

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Urine drug test kits are the most popular form of drug test used today. Often, urine drug tests work by detecting the presence or absence of drugs or drug metabolites in human urine samples. This is a very reliable method for testing and is broadly used. Urine drug tests are easy to use and easy to read. No special training is required for home drug testing.

There are three main types of urine drug test kits. They come in the following types of tests:

  1. Drug Test Dips (also known as "Panels")
  2. Drug Test Cassettes (also known as "Devices")
  3. Drug Test Cups (the drug test is integrated or built-in to the drug test cup)

Pros for urine testing are as follows: They depend on a solid technology and have an extensive scientific base. The results are accurate as well as reliable. They cost much less than other drug tests. Results are instantaneous and there is no need for a lab test or lab tech. They are easy to store and have a prolonged shelf life.

Cons for urine tests are as follows: Depending on the person's metabolism and the substance ingested, there is usually a 3 day to one month detection window. Urine tests are much easier to adulterate than other drug drug testing methods (like saliva, hair, sweat, or blood tests). Urine tests are also viewed as being invasive and embarrassing to some donors.

The three main types of Urine Test Kits. They are as follows:

5 Panel Drug Test Dip

Drug Test Dip

(also known as a drug test "Panel")

Simply dip the test into the urine sample.

Drug Test Cassette

(also known as "Devices")

Use the included pipette to draw out urine. Then place 3 drops into the cassette well.

E-Z Split Key Integrated Drug Test Cup

Drug Test Cup

Come in two forms: Integrated Cup (test is built in to the cup) and Millennium Drug Test Cup (must insert the test into the cup after the sample is taken)

Best Selling Urine Drug Test Kits:

5 Panel Drug Test Dip

5 Panel Drug Test

The above is an example of a typical 5 panel urine drug dip test. A 5 Panel Drug Test is for one time use and will detect the presence of 5 different drugs of abuse. These tests come in many configurations and can test for a multitude ofabused drugs (up to 12 different drugs at one time). Links for the 5 panel dip:

How To Use dip drug test

Various Configurations, How To Buy a drug test

THC - Marijuana Drug Test

The above is a common single panel dip. Single panel drug test dips test for one drug at a time and are for single use only. They are extremely accurate and have a low price. Single panel drug tests come in a wide variety, testing for the most commonly abused drugs.

How To Use single panel drug test dips

E-Z Split Key Integrated Drug Test Cup

E-Z 2 Split Key Integrated Drug Test Cup

Above is a multi-panel E-Z 2 Split Key Integrated Cup. The drug test is built in to the urine sample cup. Therefore once the sample is received and the lid closed, just push the key in and read the results. This test is extremely easy to use!

How To Use urine drug test cups

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