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No Tolerance Drug Test - low cut-off levels - early detection

No Tolerance Drug Test

This is the perfect drug test for those who choose "No Tolerance" when it comes to drug abuse. This test was designed specifically for those who choose No Tolerance at the workplace or home.

The costs of drug and alcohol abuse is staggering:

  • At home continued drug abuse leads to costly drug rehab programs (up to $4500.00 per month).
  • At work drug abuse costs US businesses as much as $140 billion a year. Federal experts estimate that in excess of 10 percent of all US workers have used illegal drugs on the job. Chemical abuse leads to increased absenteeism and tardiness, inefficiency and lowered productivity, higher medical claims, and theft of company and employee property to support drug habits.

To address the need for No Tolerance Drug Testing we present this New 8 Panel Drug Test. For an example of how our test is different, see the chart below:

Drug Normal Cut-off Levels (ng/ml) No Tolerance Cut-off Levels (ng/ml)
Methamphetamines 1,000 300
Cocaine 300 150
Marijuana 50 50
Amphetamines 1,000 300
Opiates 2000 300
Oxycodone Usually Not Measured 100
Propoxyphene Usually Not Measured 300
Phencyclidine 25 25

8 Panel No Tolerance Drug Test Dips


#DIP-899 - Cocaine (150), Amphetamines (300), Methamphetamines (500), Marijuana (THC 50), MOP (Opiates), Oxycodone, Propoxyphene & Phencyclidine